Henrik Rostrup - Director

"The Protector"

Directed by Henrik Rostrup

Client: Cisco
Production Company: ATLAS 
Producer: Mats Olofsson
Line Producer: Mats Olsson
Director of Photography: Erik Henriksson
Steadicam: Morgon Gustafsson
Assistant Camera: Filip Stankovic
Drone Op: Tilt
Gaffer: Olav Haddeland
Best Boy: Ole-Bernt Helgås
Editor: Henrik Rostrup
Colorist: Ola Bäccman
Original Score by: Carl Louis
Sound Design: Ulf Blomqvist 

The story behind this film “The Protector” is rooted in WWF in Norway’s attempt at preserving the old growth forest. Many people are unaware of the fact that the old forest, which is roughly 100 years or older, is in danger of completely disappearing due to the lumber trade and other exploitative efforts. The old growth forest holds a great deal of value for our ecosystem, to which newly planted forest is seen by many scientist as just being an empty green desert where no life really grows back.

I love being involved in these projects where part of the script is based on intense research, both factual and location based. To me, making a film is really about finding a connection to the story, making it tangible to the audience and providing the necessary drama in order to keep it interesting. 

When it came time to cast our film, we were blessed to find two incredible actors who embodied the spirit of our story. Our hero scientist was played with nuance and depth, bringing to life the passion and determination of those fighting to save the forest. And our child actor, who portrayed the flashback scenes, stole our hearts with their innocence and wonder.

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