Henrik Rostrup - Director

"The Runner"

Directed by Henrik Rostrup

Agency: Jung Von Matt Donau
Production: PPM Films
Producer: Anna Teufner
Director of Photography: Erik Henriksson
1st AC: Alex Eath

1st AC: Alex Eath
Steadicam: Fabian Meller
Gaffer: Kim Jerret
Grip: Andi Schaden
Art Director: Veronika Merlin

Stylist: Ali Rabbani
Editor: Simon Pontén
Colorist: Benedikt Hugendubel
Sound Mix & Music: MG Sound Vienna
Storyboard artist: Konrad Eyferth

The campaign aimed to showcase the journey of a young girl, who found inspiration in her grandmother's story, and pursued her passion for running and exploration.

The beauty of this story lay in the subtle sweetness of the relationship between the girl and her grandmother. It reminded me of the power of intergenerational connection and the value of carrying memories with us. These stories in life are the ones that leave a profound impact on our hearts.

With this in mind, I dove into the script with an intention to craft an emotional and creative piece of work. I wanted the audience to feel the fragility of the young girl's character, yet her determination to pursue her dreams. It was essential to me that we portrayed her as a strong, resilient individual who had a fire in her heart to achieve her goals, despite the obstacles in her path. 

Storyboards by Konrad Eyefarth

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