Henrik Rostrup - Director


Directed by Henrik Rostrup

Agency: MC&Saatchi
Production Company: Dejavu
Executive Producer: Manu Gosalia
Producer: Nadine Gibbs
Director of Photography: Erik Henriksson
Phantom Operator: Richard Forrester
Actor: David Blakeley
Editor Simon Pontén
Colorist: Oskar Larsson
VFX: Olle Petersson
Sound mix: Calle Buddee Roos
Original Score: Håkan Eriksson
Agent: Nicholas Berglund & Rick Romaniuk

When Etisalat approached us with the project, we knew we had to create something exceptional and remarkable, something that would stand out in the sea of mundane mobile campaigns. And so, we set out to create a cinematic masterpiece that would take our viewers on an unforgettable journey.

As we embarked on the casting process, we were fortunate enough to come across David Blakley, a former commander in the secretive British military units named "The Pathfinders." He was the perfect choice to portray our hero, embodying the enigmatic qualities that we were looking for. David brought a timeless and commanding presence to the character, striking a perfect balance between gentleness and forcefulness.

The filming process was equally challenging and rewarding. From high-speed chases on motorcycles and cars in the desert to the breathtaking sight of horses galloping through a cloud of dust, every detail had to be carefully planned and executed to perfection. One shot, in particular, that I am extremely proud of, captures a pack of horses appearing from a dust cloud, filmed with a high-speed Phantom camera. It was a challenging task, but the final result was breathtakingly beautiful and captured the essence of the character's journey.

The process of creating this film was a labor of love, and I hope that our viewers can feel that passion and emotion as they embark on this unforgettable journey with our protagonist.

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