Henrik Rostrup - Director

Messi x Visit Saudi
"Discover Another Side of Yourself "

Directed by Henrik Rostrup

Agency: And Us
Executive Producer: Joyce Hadife
Production Company: City Films
Producer: Nadine Gibbs
Director of Photography: Joe Cook
Assistant Director: George Cassab
Steadicam: Fares Corbani
Focus Puller: Zaven Barsoumian
Grip: Elie Eid

Gaffer: George Berkashi
Production Designer: Lionel Soria
Props Manager: Manal Souaid
Editor: Simon Pontén
Online: Ambassadors
VFX Supervisor: Sil Butreman
VFX Supervisor: Bob Gravenhage
Post Producer: Paul Sluimers
Service Company: Two Tales

Line Producer: Fara Assaf
Line Producer: Sami Joe
Aerial Cinematography: Base Films
Colorist: Toby Tomkins/Cheat
Music Supervision: BMM Network
Sound Design: Denis Elmaci
Composer: Adrián Čermák
Agent: Nicholas Berglund 
Agent: Rick Romaniuk

Join Lionel Messi on an exhilarating journey of self-discovery and unearth the unimaginable. The world's greatest sports star invites you to embark on a quest to explore new territories, uncover hidden gems and awaken something new within yourself. This global campaign will take you on a wild ride, and you won't regret a single moment of it.

As a director, I am deeply involved in every aspect of the creative process, and this project was no different. We had to move quickly to secure locations and plan logistics to feature the biggest sports icon in the world. But we were determined to make it happen.

The real magic happens when we take a script and breathe life into it, finding those subtle moments that make the characters relatable and human. We work tirelessly to refine every detail, listening to every comment, and being open to new ideas. It's about creating something authentic that resonates with our audience.

My ultimate goal for this film was to create a transformative experience for the viewers, to take them on a journey of discovery and self-exploration. Shooting this campaign was an adventure in itself, and I hope that our audience feels the same way. So come and join us on this extraordinary journey, and let's unleash our inner thrill-seekers together.

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