Henrik Rostrup - Director

Norwegian Industries
"The Power to Create"

Directed by Henrik Rostrup

Agency: TRY
Production Company: ATLAS 
Producer: Mats Olofsson
Director of Photography: Johan Hannu
Line Producer: Mats Olsson
Assistant Camera: Hanna Kriisa
Car Arm Op: Michael Thunem Berglund

Flighthead Op: Jørgen Sviland
Precision Driver: Ismail Salih
Crane Op: Simen Moe Mæhlum
Gaffer: Jonas Elmqvist
Best Boy: Christen Gran
Production Design: Liv Ask
Sound Technician: Edward Myhre

Production Assistant: Peter Bruteig
Colorist: Nicke Jacobsson
Editor: Henrik Rostrup
Original Score: BAYA
Sound Design: Kim Creutzer
VFX: Sindre Hammersbøen
Online: Henrik Pedersen

I was tasked with creating a film that would capture the heart and soul of the Norwegian industries, showcasing the incredible talent of these hard-working individuals and the sonic beauty of their craft. Our shoot took us to various industrial locations, where we captured the fine detail buzzing of CNC machines and the larger-than-life robotic machinery. Each piece of equipment produced a specific sound and energy that we were tasked with capturing and weaving into a cinematic symphony.

To make this film truly special, I turned to the talented Scandinavian artist, BAYA. I knew that we needed an artist who could not only create a beautiful score, but also perform it live on stage. BAYA was the perfect choice, as he could play a wide range of instruments, from strings to synths, to percussive elements. He understood the process of creating a tapestry of sound, all collected from unique objects, machines and processes and interpreted them musically for our score.

We found the perfect location for BAYA's performance – an incredible concrete chamber that we transformed into an artist's space. The industrial scenes were shot separately, but the final film perfectly blended all of the elements into a stylized symphony that captured the essence of the Norwegian industries. The process of creating the music for the film was a truly unique experience. The symphony of sounds and visuals transported the viewer to a world of industrial magic, where machines and people worked together to create something truly incredible.

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