Henrik Rostrup - Director

Brighthouse Financial
"The Farmer"

Directed by Henrik Rostrup

Production Company: Variable
Director of Photography: Nate Hurtsellers
Starring: Bob Cannard
Agency: BBH New York

I had the honor of meeting Bob Cannard, a true gem amongst men. Bob's larger-than-life presence and unwavering passion for the land left me in awe. He's not just any farmer, he's a rebel and a scientist, a pioneer in the sustainable movement that has revolutionized the way we view organic produce.

As I walked around his farm, I couldn't help but notice the care and attention he gave to each and every plant. It was clear that Bob's farm was more than just a business to him. It was his life's work, his legacy. Watching him teach, I saw the way he breathed in the air and soaked up the sun, as though he was one with the land.

Bob's laughter was contagious, and his love for his craft and the people around him was palpable. I left his farm feeling inspired, grateful for having met such a genuine soul. 

As a filmmaker, my job is to tell stories, to capture moments that make us feel something. I hope that this film will do justice to Bob's life and legacy, and inspire others to follow in his footsteps. Thank you, Bob, for sharing your story with me.

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