Henrik Rostrup - Director

"Be Ahead"

Directed by Henrik Rostrup

Agency: Jung Von Matt
ECD: Jens Pfau
DoP: Paul Meyers
Production Company: Tempomedia
Executive Producer: Justin Mundhendke
Producer: Gunnar Meyer
Producer: Jana Schneider
Assistant Director: Sakir Hafoudh
Service Production: Sindikat
Line Producer: Miha Čeak
Production Manager: Mitja Senčur
Production Coordinator: Jernej Jurc

Production Coordinator: Matea Lajtner
Production Coordinator: Nena Janković
Location Manager: Kole Koliševski
Production Designer: Goran Joksimović
Art Director: Špela Jelovčan
Assistant Art Director: Inti Šraj
Props Master: Klemen Stare
Gaffer: Robert Oberc
Drone Operator: Dejan Mugosa
Drone Pilot: Matjaz Kranjevic
Sound Technician: Primož Debeljak
Stylist: Valter Kobal

Make-up Artist: Tina Lasič Andrejevič
SFX Master: Aleš Šmuc
Actor: Tom Morley
Actor: Grant Burgin
Stunt: Ernest Prišlič
Stunt: Rok Urbane
Stunt: Luka Plestenjak
Editor: Simon Pontén
Sound mixing: Calle Buddee Roos 
Colorist: Benedikt Hugendubel
VFX: Spellworks
Online: Slaughterhouse 

I have come to learn that the magic of filmmaking lies not just in the finished script, but in the unpredictable variables that can open your eyes and inspire you beyond measure. For me, this happened on location in the breathtaking landscapes of Planica, Slovenia. Together with the creative team at Jung Von Matt in Hamburg, we set out to flesh out a script that would not only work as a TVC, but would also capture the emotional depth of the story. We never strayed from our brief, but we were free to explore the nuances and character traits that would allow us to tell a bigger, more impactful story.

As we dove deeper into the writing process, the vulnerability and underdog sense of the story emerged as the driving force for our hero. This was the emotional core of the film, the beating heart that would connect with audiences on a profound level. But we knew that in order to truly capture the essence of this story, we had to be meticulous in our planning and execution. We had a complete layout of the logistics before finalizing the storyboards, so that we could be as flexible as possible once we got going.

Working with some of Slovenia's best ski jumpers was an experience that left us all in awe. These incredible athletes pushed their bodies to the limit, soaring through the air with a grace and power that was simply mesmerizing. In the end, what we created was more than just a film. It was a testament to the beauty and power of human resilience, a celebration of the underdogs who defy the odds and soar to new heights. And it was all made possible by the magic of filmmaking, and the unpredictable variables that can open our eyes to new possibilities.

Storyboard artwork by Konrad Eyefarth.

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