Henrik Rostrup - Director

"The New Frontier"

Directed by Henrik Rostrup

Agency: M&C Saatchi
Director of Photography: Johan Hannu 
Production: Dejavu/Two Tales
Producer: Sami Joe & Mann Ghanem
Assistant Director: George Cassab
Steadicam: Ahmad Alsufyani
Focus Puller: Elie Nasr
Production Designer: Waël Boutros
Aerial Cinematography: Richard Forrest
Drone Pilot: Cai McKeever Willis
Helicopter Pilot: Fred North
Car Arm: Nebras
Cast: Sophia Malphas
Underwater Cinematograpy: Sean Ruggeri
Colorist: Joakim Rissveds
Original Score & Sound Design: Anders Vesterdahl
Agent: Nicholas Berglund & Rick Romaniuk

I live for the thrill of adventure. It's about more than just capturing moving images on camera - it's about delving into the depths of emotion, the intricacies of character, and the breathtaking beauty of the world around us. And in the case of this particular project, that meant exploring the stunning landscapes that surround Neom.

From the moment we began scouting locations, I knew that this film would be a journey like no other. As we pored over maps, studying the endless terrain and imagining what it might look like in real life, I felt my heart swell with excitement. And when we finally set foot on those hallowed grounds, it was like stepping into a dream.

But make no mistake - this was no easy feat. It took months of preparation, scouting, assessing, and re-scouting before we were ready to start filming. And even then, the sheer vastness of Neom made every shot a challenge. We had to wait for the right season, when the light was at its most beautiful, and we had to carefully plan every detail in order to capture the epic scenes our client had envisioned.

But all of that hard work was worth it, because the end result was nothing short of magical. We used cars, drones, and even divers to capture the full scope of this filmmaking playground, and the images we created were truly otherworldly. Watching the footage back, it felt like we had been transported to another planet - a place where anything was possible, and where even the biggest Hollywood blockbusters would feel at home.

For me, this film was a testament to the power of creativity and the thrill of adventure. It was an experience that will stay with me for a lifetime, and I hope that those who watch it will feel the same sense of awe and wonder that we did while making it.

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