Henrik Rostrup - Director

Montblanc x Hugh Jackman
"The Spirit of Exploration"

Directed by Henrik Rostrup

Client: Montblanc
Director Marketing: Maria Grow
Marketing Manager: Fabian Kredig
Agency: Jung Von Matt
Creative Director: David Leinweber
Senior Producer: Jonathan Helmer
Production Company: Tempomedia
Director of Photograhy: Benjamin Loeb
1st AC: Tod Boyle
Executive Producer: Justin Mundhenke
Producer: Stephan Brockmann
Assisitant Producer: Jana Schneider
Service Company: Brent Spector USA
Executive Producer: Julien Lemaitre
Producer: Geoff Clough
Production Supervisor: Rachel Young
Production Supervisor: Matt Grimaldi
1st AD: Chris Northrup

2nd AC: Rob Mant
DIT: Chris Nightingale
Gaffer: Alex Gaynor
Key Grip: Nick Kirsten
Production Designer: Joey Jenkins
Set Decorator: Susan Macdonald Petersen
Prop Master: Jeff Petersen
Prop Assist: Scott Upshur
Leadman: Keith Price
Art PA: Chris Warren
Art PA: Jesse Hope
VTR: Doug Birdsall
Wardrobe Stylist: Cris Araujo
Wardrobe Assist: Wanda Price
Hair/MU: Jenece Amela
Location Manager: Tim Territo
Mountain Guide: Joe Schults/ Matt Steen
Stuntman: Daniel Stevens

Gang Boss: Phil Helman
Aerial Coordinator: Bryson Gray
Helicopter: John Whedon
Helicopter: Per Bryson
Aerial Cinematographer: Steve Winter
PA: Dave Nesis
PA: Fischer Hazen
PA: Austin Zedak
PA: Brian Bell
PA: Charlene Galway
PA: Jason Aurand
Post Production: NHB Studios Hamburg
Post Producer: Christina Schatten
Online: Christoper Kasten
Editor: Simon Pontén
Colorist: Oskar Larsson 
Sound Design: Johannes Roeske
Original Score composed by Martin Dirkov

As I read this brief for the first time, I was instantly moved by the character that Hugh Jackman would portray in this campaign for Montblanc. To me, filmmaking is not just about capturing visuals, but also about creating a seamless connection between the audience and the characters on-screen. As someone who has been a fan of British travel writer Bruce Chatwin for years, I drew inspiration from his storytelling abilities and unique perspective on life. I wanted to infuse some of that inspiration into Jackman's character, to create a truly authentic and memorable performance.

Prepping for this project was like a dream come true for me, as a lifelong climber. I worked closely with our location scout to find the perfect mountain locations, pouring over highly detailed climbing maps to learn as much as possible about each site. We had a limited window of time to shoot in the high altitude terrain, so preparation was absolutely crucial.

Our journey led us to the stunning valley of Telluride, Colorado, where we stumbled upon an amazing cabin that had been featured in Quentin Tarantino's "Hateful Eight." The surrounding landscape was so rich with raw, natural beauty and character - it was truly a privilege to be able to share this experience with our incredible crew, client, and agency.

As we worked tirelessly to capture each scene, we were all swept up in the emotions of the moment. The stunning visuals, combined with Jackman's powerful performance, left an indelible mark on each of us. This project was a true labor of love, a testament to the power of filmmaking to inspire, challenge, and move us in unexpected ways.

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